24th LD Supports Funding Education

Resolution Regarding Washington State Revenue

WHEREAS the State of Washington must fulfill its constitutional duty to fully fund basic education by 2018, and the state Supreme Court has ruled that such funding must be accomplished by means of dependable and regular tax sources; and

WHEREAS the citizens of the State of Washington have approved Initiative 1351, requiring lower class sizes, which will require new state spending; and

WHEREAS the state has significantly reduced its contribution to rising higher education costs, making post-secondary education less accessible to its people; and

WHEREAS state spending for social services has not kept pace with need, to the detriment of citizens who most need help; and

WHEREAS state support for mandated local government functions has declined, and county governments can raise only limited funds locally, resulting in further reduction of government services; and

WHEREAS state spending has not kept pace in many other areas, including salaries, wages, and benefits of employees providing public services; and

WHEREAS our state has the most regressive tax structure in the nation, amplifying the growth of income inequality; and

WHEREAS many individuals and businesses have attained great financial success and have accumulated great wealth, having benefitted from services and infrastructure provided by the State of Washington, and are in a position to the common good in proportion to their means and benefit;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the 24th Legislative District Democrats urge Governor Jay Inslee and the 24th Legislative District delegation of Senator Jim Hargrove, Representative Steve Tharinger, and Representative Kevin Van De Wege to develop and support new, dependable revenue measures sufficient to fully fund basic education; to reduce class sizes; to ensure affordable public higher education; and to provide for other needs of the state’s citizens, local governments, and employees.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the 24th Legislative District Democrats urge these elected officials to adopt new revenue measures that are progressive in nature, such as a capital gains tax and a broadening of the B&O tax would be.

Presented by Bruce Cowan for consideration by the 24th Legislative District.

Passed January 10, 2015.