24th LD Opposes TPP

Resolution in opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership

Whereas, passing the TPP would most assuredly increase our balance of trade deficit as past similar agreements have dramatically done, and

Whereas, passing the TPP would facilitate even more off-shoring of high-wage jobs, and

Whereas, the negotiations on this treaty are dominated by corporate interests (500 corporate lobbyists are at the table but Congress is not), and

Whereas, the investor state dispute resolution mechanism included in the leaked draft of the TPP grants to an unelected private tribunal of international corporate attorneys the authority to levy fines without limit against governments for passing laws that interfere with potential profits of foreign corporations, and

Whereas, it is now the expressed intention of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner to make Fast Track Authority to speed the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership through Congress without amendment and with limited debate,

Be it therefore resolved that the Chair 24th Legislative District be encouraged to engage with groups that oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership for the purpose of building public opposition to the TPP and to granting Fast Track Authority, and

Be it further resolved that all members of the Democrats in the 24th Legislative District be encouraged to contact members of our Congressional Delegation to express strong reservations about the secret process and the negative consequences that would follow if the TPP were to become law.


January 10, 2015