Results: 24th LD Democrats Endorsement Meeting – Sept 9, 2018

The 24th LD Democrats held an endorsement meeting on September 9, 2018 at the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Center in the Community Room. The 24th LD Democrats endorsed:

Maria Cantwell for US Senate;
Derek Kilmer for US Representative;
Steve Tharinger for State Legislature;
Mike Chapman for State Legislature;
Mike Doherty for District #3 Clallam County Commissioner;
Greg Brotherton for District #3 Jefferson County Commissioner;
Suzanne Hayden for Clallam County District #1 Judge;
Mindy Walker for Jefferson County District Court Judge;
Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff

Chair Matt Sircely opened the meeting by inviting State Committeeman Joe McGimpsey of Neah Bay to offer a traditional blessing. Sircely then turned the microphone over to Vice Chair Julie Johnson, who offered welcoming remarks: “I appreciate Joe doing the blessing. We’ve had political meetings in here, but we’ve also had church meetings in here, and funerals and family gatherings. This is a sacred place”, said Johnson, who also serves at the state party level as the Clallam County Democratic Party’s State Committeewoman and Co-Chair of the Native American Caucus. “The number one reason we’re here is to support Democrats, to support those people who are running for office and representing us. I’m passionate about that, and I know you are too.” Johnson said. “I’m so excited about this district.”

Johnson moved to endorse both Maria Cantwell for US Senate and Derek Kilmer for US Representative, with a second from McGimpsey. Among those speaking in favor were Connie Gallant and Dave Woodruff, both former chairs of the 24th LD Democrats. The membership voted unanimously to endorse both Cantwell and Kilmer.

State Representative Steve Tharinger was introduced by Craig Ritchie, Chair of the Clallam County Democrats, and State Representative Mike Chapman was introduced by Marty Gilmore, Chair of the Jefferson County Democrats. Tharinger and Chapman addressed the crowd and both received unanimous votes of endorsement from the membership.

Mike Doherty, candidate for Clallam County Commissioner, addresses the membership before winning a unanimous endorsement from the 24th LD Dems.

In the course of their remarks, both Chapman and Tharinger spoke in support of Mike Doherty’s candidacy for Clallam District #3 Commissioner, citing his strong work ethic and his record of accomplishments from his prior service on the Clallam County Board of Commissioners. Joe McGimpsey then nominated Doherty for endorsement, and the vote was unanimous in favor of endorsing Mike Doherty for Clallam County Commissioner.

Suzanne Hayden, candidate for judge in Clallam County District #1, also addressed the membership just one day after receiving an endorsement at a meeting of the Clallam County Democrats. Hayden answered questions from the membership before receiving a resounding endorsement from the 24th LD Democrats.

During a subsequent motion to endorse Mindy Walker for Jefferson County District Judge, Hayden spoke in support of Walker, saying that both she and Melody Walker share similar goals and are calling for a series of reforms to better protect the most vulnerable people on the peninsula. The motion to endorse Mindy Walker carried with a near unanimous vote.

Former Jefferson County Democratic Chair Bruce Cowan nominated Greg Brotherton, candidate for County Commissioner in Jefferson County. After the motion to endorse was seconded by Doherty, Greg Brotherton won the endorsement vote with a near unanimous vote.

Cowan also requested consideration of an endorsement of Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff, mentioning that five former sheriffs support Nole’s candidacy, and citing election results showing that 62% of Jefferson County voters supported Nole in the primary. Cowan described Nole’s opposition to the current sheriff’s collaborations between the local department and the US Border Patrol under Operation Stonegarden. The membership overwhelmingly approved the motion to endorse Nole.

Following the endorsement meeting, Vice Chair Julie Johnson introduced new precinct committee officers in attendance who had recently won election. Joe McGimpsey invited the membership to a forthcoming October 8 fundraiser in Neah Bay to support 24th LD-endorsed candidates.
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