State Committeewoman Report

by Marcia Farrell, Clallam County Democrats—

The Washington State Democratic Central Committee reorganizational meeting was held in Olympia on January 24, 2015.

The following individuals were elected officers of the Washington State Democratic Party:

Chair Jaxon Ravens
Vice Chair Valerie Brady Rongey
Secretary Rob Dolin
Treasurer Habib Habib

The following individuals were elected to represent their Congressional District on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee’s Executive Board:

1st CD Todd Nichols
2nd CD Tom Riggs
3rd CD Marsha Manning
4th CD Brad Taylor
5th CD Don Schwerin
6th CD Lynda __________
7th CD Javier Valdez
9th 8th CD Kent Verbeck
CD Bryan Kesterson
10th CD Zach Smith

The following resolutions were passed by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee:

705 Resolution Regarding Washington State Revenue

706 Resolution Opposing Common Core State Standards

708 Washington Health Security Trust, a Single Payer Healthcare Plan for Washington

710 Pass the Oil Transportation Safety Now Bill

711 Support the Seattle Seahawks in Winning the Super Bowl XLIX ‘Go Seahawks!’

712 Resolution to Support Equality in Automatic Record Sealing Process for Youth

713 Request a Study of the Economic Impact of Noxious Weeds

The WSDCC tabled the following resolutions until its next meeting, Pasco in April:

704 Resolution to Oppose Weakening the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

707 Resolution in Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (Chair Raven explained that this topic is not included in the current Legislative session’s agenda)

709 Fair Public Process Needed for Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range Plan (Chair Raven stated that this is a Federal issue)

All of these resolutions can be found on the WA State Democrats Party website.

Personal Reflections on my first Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting:

Friday, January 23, 2015 – Reception in the Capitol Rotunda
This was a wonderful opportunity to “meet and greet” fellow elected Democrats, meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with old friends and associates. Whenever I am in the Rotunda of our state capitol building, I am always struck with the majesty and splendor of our impressive Capitol Building and with our Democracy. As a high school student many years ago, I participated in the State Youth Legislature program which was my introduction to politics and governance. As I walked around the Rotunda on Friday night at the reception, I was flooded with memories from 50+ years ago … shaking hands with Governor Rossellini, meeting with Lt. Governor Cherberg about fair housing, and demonstrating with fellow youth legislators for Civil Rights (Open Housing) on the capitol lawn. These experiences, combined with guidance from my working class union parents, were instrumental in guiding me into a lifelong role as an Activist, primarily in Civil Rights. At the reception, I enjoyed listening to Gov. Inslee and others, all the while most of us showing support in true “12” style for the Seattle Seahawks!

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 
In the first hour, I attended the Women’s Caucus. Discussions included Fair Play and information on the Washington Paycheck Fairness Act which will protect all workers from retaliation for discussing or inquiring about compensation or job assignments, and provide women effective recourse when differences in pay and job opportunities are not based on bona fide factors such as education.

Paid Sick Days (assurance that workers in firms with 4 or more employees will have the right to earn paid leave for illness, preventative care, or other health needs of the worker of a worker’s family member, or to deal with the consequences of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking) and the FAMLI Act (will provide income when workers must take extended leaves of up to 12 weeks for the birth or adoption of a child, or the serious health condition of the worker or a close family member, financed through low-cost payroll premiums) are also areas of discussion and subsequent issues of support from Washington State Democrats.

Currently, Seattle and Sea Tac are the only 2 cities in Washington State with paid sick and safe leave days.
In the second hour, I attended the Rules committee Open House. As I am new to State Democratic Central Committee meetings, I am still unsure as to which committee I will choose to serve on and I feel I need more information to make that decision.

In the third hour, I attended the Federation of Democratic Women. I am eager to get additional information on this group and could foresee a joint Clallam-Jeffco-Grays Harbor (24th Leg. District) “consortium” to establish a charter. The mission of this group (paraphrased, based on my cryptic notes) is to “unite and advance women’s role in Democratic politics, support women candidates, and promote and encourage full participation of women in the democratic process”.

A Labor panel, comprised of 5 Labor Leaders throughout the state, discussed and presented information about Right To Work For Less legislation and activity throughout the country. It is anticipated that there will be a continued strong emphasis by the Republicans to turn our State into a Right To Work For Less state, busting unions, lowering wages, and otherwise negatively impacting the middles class and ALL workers. This is will be a HUGE challenge in the coming years with money from the Koch Brothers and others pouring into establish Right To Work For Less.
State Wide CCD meeting:

See above re: resolutions passed and officers and Executive Board elections.

Sunday – New Leader Training
Several topics were on the agenda. I was most interested in Fund Raising, presented by MacKenzie Fuentes. I came away with good ideas and strategies to improve fund raising activities in Clallam County.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting and I look forward to full participation in the coming years, serving as the 24th Legislative District Central Committee Woman.