How to Vote

Aren’t we lucky to live in Washington State? We lead the way with secure mail-in ballots. Just register, receive your ballot in the mail, and return it by mail or drop box.

To Register: If you need to register go to This site, operated by the Secretary of state is also the place to change your address and check your ballot status.

To Vote: Your ballot and a voters’ guide will arrive in the mail. Make your choices. You can also refer to voters’ guides here and at, posted by the League of Women Voters.

Check your ballot status: Make sure your vote counts! Go to and check your ballot status. The main reasons that ballots are not accepted is that the voter forgot the signature or their signature does not match the one on file. If you write you phone number on the ballot envelope the County Auditor can call you if there’s a problem with your ballot.

Check your ballot before you return it. Did you vote both sides? Did you sign the envelope?

We encourage you to return it as soon as possible, by mail or to a drop box location in your county: Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor counties.

After you vote: If you want to track the status of your ballot, use

Your county’s Auditor will process the ballots. They check the signature, and contact you if there is an issue with it. On election night, the ballots in the machines are counted. The results are posted quickly at the Secretary of State’s website. Ballots that arrive on election day or trickle in by mail over the following days are counted and added to the totals. Counties certify their results in weeks and the state certifies the election after a month.

If you have a relative or friend who would like you to return their ballot, it is not illegal under Washington law to return it for them. Again, the drop box is the best option. If someone offers to return your ballot for you, be sure it’s someone you trust, get contact information. You can make sure they followed through by checking your Ballot Status at