How to Vote

We encourage voters to return their ballots as soon as they can to official drop boxes maintained by county Auditors. Be sure to sign the outer envelope! Click to see drop box locations in Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor counties. (We hear that Grays Harbor has added another box at Taholah.)

Our county Auditors print and mail the ballots to every registered voter (no need to request one). Voters may return ballots in drop boxes or by mail (no postage needed, must be postmarked by election day). Auditors process the ballots when they are received and count them quickly on election night. Ballots trickle in after election day, but counties must certify results by November 24, and the state Secretary of State certifies results by December 3.

You can check your ballot status on line at If the Auditor has any question about your signature, they will make every effort to contact you.

If you have a relative or friend who cannot return their own ballot, it is legal under Washington law to return it for them. Again, the drop box is the best option. If someone asks if you want them to return your ballot on your behalf, you might want to make sure that you have their contact information. You can make sure the ballot was returned by visiting