Bylaws of the 24th Legislative District Democrats

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Bylaws amended April 27, 2019

1.1 The twenty fourth Legislative District Democrats (24LDD) is the governing body of the Democratic Party for the state legislative district.

1.2 The 24LDD shall operate as set forth in Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) Bylaws Article IX and the RCW 29A Section 80.

1.3 The 24LDD shall actively seek to foster and promote the principles of the Party; to arouse and maintain an active interest therein by the citizens of the legislative district; to actively support the campaigns of the Party candidates at the legislative district level; to gather and disseminate information concerning Party philosophy and ideals; and in doing so assist the public in its public education.

1.4 To carry out the programs enumerated herein, the 24LDD may establish a voluntary annual assessment upon each member and shall have the sole authority in budgeting and disbursing such funds.


2.1 The 24LDD shall be composed of:

a. Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs): appointed and elected PCOs of the 24th Legislative District who reside in their precincts.

b. General members: All other members, who may vote on any matter not reserved to PCOs:

1. The Chair, Vice Chair, and State Committee Representatives of each county Party organization in the district.

2. Elected Democratic officials who represent voters of the district.

3. Members of Democratic county Party organizations residing in the district.

4. All residents of the district who are willing to support the principles and goals of the Democratic Party, who assert themselves to be Democrats, and who join the 24LDD organization.


3.1 The Chair of the 24LDD shall be its chief executive officer and shall preside at all meetings of the 24LDD and its Executive Committee with responsibility for:

a) The implementation of the policies of the 24LDD;

b) Calling meetings of the 24LDD and the Executive Committee;

c) The development of an agenda for all meetings;

d) Perform such other duties assigned by the 24LDD or its Executive Committee and

e) Appoint a Secretary, a Treasurer, the chairs of standing and special committees, if any, and as necessary, parliamentarian, sergeant at arms, and an electoral tally committee of three.

3.2 The Vice Chair of the 24LDD shall be of the opposite gender of the Chair, shall reside in a county other than that of the Chair, shall preside in the absence of the Chair and perform other tasks as delegated from time to time by the Chair.

3.3 The Secretary shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair and shall keep and report the minutes and correspondence of the 24LDD.

3.4 The Treasurer shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair and shall be the custodian of all funds of the 24LDD, keep accurate accounts and timely submit all reports required by the organization and by statute.

3.5 State Committeewoman and State Committeeman shall attend all meetings of the WSDCC representing 24LDD.


4.1 The 24LDD shall meet at least four times a year, including regular, special, and biennial reorganization meetings.

4.2 The chair shall call all meetings. Fourteen days before a meeting, the chair shall send a “call to meeting” to all PCOs, Executive Board members of county organizations in the district, and members who have provided 24LDD with an email address. The call shall include the date, time, and place of the meeting; the proposed agenda; minutes to be approved; and any endorsements, resolutions, and bylaw amendments to be considered.

4.3 Members without email capability shall notify the Secretary, who shall mail the call to the address provided.

4.4 The Chair or the Executive Committee may call a Special Meeting. Upon receipt of a petition signed by at least thirty members and specifying the purpose, the Chair will call a special meeting. The call for a Special Meeting shall specify all business to be considered.

4.5 Voting by proxy at meetings of 24LDD shall be permitted in accordance with the following rules:

a. An elected or appointed Precinct Committee Officer of the 24LDD may grant a proxy to a Democratic voter residing in the same county.

b. The proxy may be exercised only on matters reserved to Precinct Committee Officers.

c. The proxy must be in writing, signed and dated by the grantor. The grantor shall indicate the name of the grantee and whether the proxy is general or specific, instructed or uninstructed. In the absence of specification, the proxy shall be assumed to be general and uninstructed.

d. The holder must register the proxy with the Secretary of the 24LDD before a vote is taken.

e. No person shall hold more than one proxy. Proxies are not transferable.

f. No proxy voting is allowed at a reorganization meeting.

4.6 A quorum shall be twenty members. On a vote requiring PCO status, a quorum shall be twenty PCOs.

4.7 At any meeting of the Executive Committee or other committee, members not physically present may participate by any electronic means that allows simultaneous verbal communication. A member participating in this way is deemed to be present at the meeting as part of the quorum, and is so listed in the minutes.

4.8 In all matters not covered by these bylaws and standing policies and rules, the 24LDD shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, current edition.


5.1 A biennial reorganizational meeting of the 24LDD shall be called by the current Chair, or, in the absence of the Chair, by such officer in succeeding authority as defined in Article 3, no later than the twentieth day of January of each odd numbered year, or within sixty days of redistricting of the legislative district.

5.2 Elections shall be held at the biennial reorganizational meeting as the first order of business conducted by the current Chair following the call to order and the Pledge of Allegiance wherein a subsequent Chair shall be elected to assume conduct of the meeting and conduct all further business, including the election of:

a. Vice Chair;

b. State Committeeman;

c. State Committeewoman.

5.3 Only Precinct Committee Officers duly elected in the legislative district in the preceding general election of the even numbered year may vote for officers at the biennial reorganizational meeting.

5.4 At the biennial reorganizational meeting, or at the next meeting called after the reorganizational meeting, bylaws shall be ratified or amended by simple majority.

5.5 When more than one candidate has been nominated for an office, voting for officers shall be by secret ballots, which will be tallied by the electoral committee, which shall report to the Chair and destroy the ballots upon adjournment.

5.6 A vacancy in the offices defined in section 5.2 shall be filled at the 24LDD meeting following announcements of the vacancy after notice by publication as an agenda item.

5.7 Any officer defined in section 5.2 may be recalled from office after written petition of at least 20 elected Precinct Committee Officers requesting a special meeting. Within ten days of the receipt of the petition by the Chair, a call shall be issued for a meeting to be held no sooner than ten or more that thirty days from the issuance of the call. The legislative district chair (and other officers) may be removed only by the majority vote of the elected PCOs in the chair’s district. (RCW29A.80.061).


6.1 The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, State Committeewoman, State Committeeman, Secretary, and Treasurer of the 24LDD, and the Democratic Party County Central Committee Chairs from Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Jefferson Counties, or designees from their respective county, resident in the legislative district. State Committee members from each county central committee in the legislative district shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

6.2 The Executive Committee shall meet at the pleasure of the Chair, or upon written call of five members of the committee to all members of the committee. A quorum shall be the number of members attending a properly noticed meeting, providing at least one executive committee member is present from each county.

6.3 Duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee:

a. Recommends policies, amendments, endorsements and activities.

b. Formulates and recommends a budget and has direct oversight of fiscal matters.

c. Has general management of the organization between LD membership meetings.

6.4 Any Executive Committee member holding more than one office as defined in section 6.1 shall have only one vote in Executive Committee meetings.


7.1 Committees may formed by the chair.


8.1 Members of LD 24 may endorse candidates for office and ballot measure positions in primary, general and special elections.

8.2 For an endorsement to be considered that of the membership it must meet the following criteria:

a. The executive committee shall schedule a vote on an endorsement of a candidate or a ballot measure at either a special meeting or at a regular meeting with at least 2 weeks notice.

b. At any so designated meeting of the membership, all candidates who seek endorsement must be given an opportunity to address the membership. Arguments for and against any ballot measure being considered for endorsement shall be presented.

c. A two-thirds vote in favor of a candidate or ballot measure is required for an endorsement.

d. All members are allowed to vote on endorsements.


9.1 Resolutions proposed for passage by the 24LDD shall be presented in writing to the Chair or the chair of the resolutions committee at least twenty days prior to any meeting in which they will be considered. The proposed resolution shall be published in the call for that meeting and placed on the agenda. A majority vote of the members present at the meeting shall be required for passage.

9.2 The provisions of section 9.1 may be suspended by the members attending a meeting upon a two-thirds vote in favor.

9.3 The Chair shall cause the Secretary to provide copies of all approved resolutions to the news media to insure widest possible distribution.


10.1 Only elected and appointed PCOs who reside in their precincts shall vote on amendment or adoption of these bylaws.

10.2 Except as otherwise provided, these bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the 24LDD by a two-thirds vote of eligible PCOs present, providing that the amendment has been submitted in writing to the Chair at least thirty days prior to any meeting in which it will be considered.


11.1 Exempt and non-exempt (legislative office targeted victory fund) accounts and methods of disbursement are established. The exempt account will be utilized for routine operational expenses. The non-exempt fund will be administered to provide direct financial support Democratic legislative candidates. Checks shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the Chair or Vice Chair. The Treasurer will file PDC reports timely as required by RCW and WAC with the PDC, the auditor of the county of residence of the Treasurer and with the Chair.

11.2 In the event of a legislative vacancy during the course of a legislative term, elected and appointed PCOs will vote to recommend a list of three replacement candidates to the county commissioners in the district according to statute and state party rules. (WSD bylaws Art VII B)


at the Regular Meeting in Blyn, Washington, this 27th day of April, 2019.

Previously amended July 8, 2017.


_________________________________________, Bruce Cowan, Chair, 24LDD

_________________________________________, Julie Johnson, Vice Chair, 24LDD