24th LD Executive Committee

From left: Kris Grier, Bruce Cowan, Julie Johnson, Diane Jones, Joe McGimpsey

Officers elected January 2021 (two-year term).

Chair: Bruce Cowan, mrbrucecowan@gmail.com 

Vice Chair: Julie Sa’Leit’Sa’ Kwina Johnson,Vice Chair

(Julie also serves as Treasurer of the Washington State Democrats, State Committe Member for Clallam County Democrats, and Chair of the Native American Caucus.)



State Committee Representatives:

Diane Jones

Joe McGimpsey


Chair-appointed officers:

Treasurer: Kris Grier       Secretary: Steven Puvogel

Liz, Jamie, and Jennie

The Executive Committee also includes the county party chairs (or their designees) and county state committee representatives (ex-officio members)

Clallam County Democrats, Jennie Peterson, Chair; Nate Adkisson, Vice Chair; State Committee Representatives: Julie Johnson, Rick Robinson. 

Grays Harbor County Democrats, Vini Samuel, Chair; Vice Chair, newly appointed; State Committee Representatives: Jamie Nichols, Clint Bryson .

Jefferson County Democrats, Marty Gilmore, Chair; Libby Urner Wennstrom, Vice Chair; State Committee Representatives: Claire Roney, Josh Bartman. (Claire also serves as Chair of the 6th Congressional District Democrats — giving her a position on the Executive Committee — and as co-chair of the state’s Resolutions Committee.)