24th LD Executive Committee

From left: Kris Grier, Bruce Cowan, Julie Johnson, Diane Jones, Joe McGimpsey, (Jennie Peterson not pictured)

Officers elected December 8, 2018 (two-year term).

Chair: Bruce Cowan, mrbrucecowan@gmail.com 

Vice Chair: Julie Sa’Leit’Sa’ Kwina Johnson,Vice Chair



State Committee Representatives:

Diane Jones

Joe McGimpsey


Chair-appointed officers:

Treasurer: Kris Grier       Secretary: Jennie Peterson

Liz, Jamie, and Jennie

The Executive Committee also includes the county party chairs (or their designees) and county state committee representatives (ex-officio members)

Clallam County Democrats, Liz Bumgarner, Chair;  State Committee Representatives: Brian Grad, Julie Johnson. 

Grays Harbor County Democrats, Jamie Nichols, Chair; Mike Cooper, Vice Chair.  State Committee Representatives: Marianna Hopkins-Everson and Alan Richrod. 

Jefferson County Democrats,

Marty Gilmore, Chair;

Alise Moss Vetica, Vice Chair;


State Committee Representatives:

Claire Roney, David Griffiths