2020 Presidential Election

Many campaigns for the Democratic nomination are under way. We have a wealth of candidates and each of them has something to tell us. We’ll give them a fair listen; we’ll see how they fare over the course of the nomination process; we’ll nominate our candidate; and we will elect the next Democratic President of the United States. (To see who is in the race just now, read “Who’s Running for President” at the New York Times.)

Nomination process
Some things have changed, but the basic outline is the same: Through caucuses and primaries, every state and territory will choose delegates to the Democratic National Convention (July 13-16, 2020, Milwaukee, WI). Those delegates will be pledged to candidates in proportion to the support candidates receive in their jurisdictions. At the convention, delegates will select the nominee of the Democratic Party.

Here in Washington, Democrats will use a Presidential Preference Primary in March 2020 to allocate delegates in proportion to the votes received by each candidate. This change from the past was adopted by the Washington State Democrats.

Let’s Stick Together I think we can all agree that we want a Democrat in the White House in 2021. Some of us already have a favorite. Others see several appealing candidates and want to learn through the process. We do know this: we will have one nominee and we will need to work as allies to elect them. If you are committed to having a constructive primary and working to win in 2020, you may want to take Indivisible’s pledge. Maybe you’d like to see which candidates have taken the pledge. Whether you or your candidate take the pledge or not … let’s agree to work together for the win. We cannot let the current situation continue.