2020 Presidential Election

The future of our democratic republic is at stake in the election of November 2020. The March 10 Presidential Primary results will be finalized later in March. Delegates in Washington will be allocated in proportion to the outcome of that ballot.

Breaking news on changes to Washington’s Democratic nomination process. On March 18, the Washington State Democrats decided that, due to the public health emergency, we will not be having LD Sub-Caucuses and Conventions at the county level on May 3. We thank the Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor Democrats for the groundwork they laid for these mass meetings.

Instead PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers) will elect Legislative District delegates in an on-line election that will conclude on May 3. That is the main difference in the process.

Would you like to be a 24th LD delegate? These LD delegates elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention (Milwaukee, mid-July, still on the calendar for July). They elect National delegates on two occasions:

1) at the 6th Congressional District level (also on-line) and …

2) at the Washington State Democrats Convention (still on the calendar for mid-June). The LD and National delegates are pledged to a presidential candidate. LD delegate candidates must register ahead of April 24th here

We will keep you up to date on timelines and so on here. Your 24th Legislative District Team will work with county organizations to spread the word to all Democrats and especially to PCOs.

To be a delegate: If you are interested in election as a Congressional Disrict Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, you need to submit a letter of intent before May 3. Click here for details. You need not be elected an LD Delegate to be eligible.

Sunday, June 11-14: Washington State Democrats Convention. Delegates to the State Convention will elect 19 At-Large Delegates to attend the National Convention. The convention will also adopt the WSD platform. Location: Tacoma Convention Center. 1500 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402.

July 13-16: National Democratic Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our state’s delegation will help nominate our Presidential candidate and adopt the national platform.

November 3, 2020: Election day. On this day, we will elect a Democrat as President of the United States, elect Democratic majorities in both houses of congress, elect Democrats to state executive and legislative offices, and elect Democrats to county positions.

Let’s stick together: We all want a Democrat in the White House in 2021. We will be successful if we commit to working together toward that end. Every candidate has pledged to engage in a constructive primary, to immediately endorse the Democratic nominee, and to work toward election of our nominee. With so much at stake, we must all rise to the challenge of putting a Democrat in the White House.