2020 Presidential Election

The future of our democratic republic is on the line in the election of 2020.

Nomination process If you are a Democrat in Washington State, you can participate in choosing our party nominee for President of the United States. Every candidate has something to tell us. To see a current list of candidates, visit the New York Times: “Who’s Running for President” .

We play our part by voting in a primary election and by electing delegates to represent us at later stages of the process. The process was adopted by the Washington State Democrats and approved by the Democratic National Committee. If you participated in 2016, it will seem very familiar, with one major exception: delegates will be allocated according to the outcome of the primary election instead of turnout at precinct caucuses.

Tuesday, March 10:  Washington State Presidential Primary Election. All Democrats are eligible to vote in Washington’s Democratic Presidential Primary. (Since we do not register by party in Washington, you will attest on your ballot that you are a Democrat. To register to vote or to change your address visit votewa.gov)

(Sunday, April 26: Some localities will have Legislative District (LD) caucuses on this date. The 24th LD will NOT have a caucus on this date … see the next entry.)

Sunday, May 3:  Legislative District Sub-Caucuses and County Conventions The county party organizations in Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor counties will organize events for all Democrats. More info later, but the locations are Aberdeen High School, Port Angeles High School, and Chimacum High School.

Morning: 24th LD Sub-Caucus. Supporters of each Presidential candidate will meet to elect Legislative District delegates and alternates to represent them. These LD Delegates will participate at the next two levels (May 30, Suquamish and June 14, Tacoma). The outcome of the March 10 election will determine the proportion of the delegates to be elected for each candidate on May 3.

You can pre-register for this event here. You can also see who has pre-registered to be an LD Delegate.

To be an LD delegate: If you are interested in election as an LD Delegate to the 6th Congressional District Caucus and the Washington State Democrats Convention, click here and register to be a candidate.

Afternoon: County Convention. On the same day, each county party organization in LD 24 will conduct their convention. All Democrats may participate in adopting county platforms. 

Saturday, May 30: 6th Congressional District Caucus. Legislative District delegates elect six Congressional District Delegates to the National Convention. Location: Suquamish.

To be a delegate: If you are interested in election as a Congressional Disrict Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, you need to submit a letter of intent before May 3. Click here for details. You need not be elected an LD Delegate to be eligible.

Sunday, June 11-14: Washington State Democrats Convention. Delegates to the State Convention will elect 19 At-Large Delegates to attend the National Convention. The convention will also adopt the WSD platform. Location: Tacoma Convention Center. 1500 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402.

July 13-16: National Democratic Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our state’s delegation will help nominate our Presidential candidate and adopt the national platform.

November 3, 2020: Election day. On this day, we will elect a Democrat as President of the United States, elect Democratic majorities in both houses of congress, elect Democrats to state executive and legislative offices, and elect Democrats to county positions.

Let’s stick together: We all want a Democrat in the White House in 2021. In time, we will have one nominee and we cannot be successful if we do not commit to working together to our ultimate success. Every candidate has pledged to engage in a constructive primary, to immediately endorse the Democratic nominee, and to work toward election of our nominee. With so much at stake, we must all rise to the challenge of putting a Democrat in the White House.