2020 Presidential Election

Nomination process We need YOU to help us choose our nominee for President of the United States. From the primary through the caucuses and conventions, our party’s democratic processes work best when all Democrats participate. We have a wealth of candidates, and each of them has something to tell us. To see a current list of candidates, visit the New York Times: “Who’s Running for President” .

Tuesday, March 10:  Washington State Presidential Primary Election. All Democrats can vote in Washington’s Presidential Primary to determine how many of our delegates we’ll send to the National Convention for each candidate. (This step replaces the precinct caucuses we used in 2016. To register to vote or to change your address visit votewa.gov)

(Sunday, April 26: NOT IN OUR 24th LD. Some localities will have LD caucuses on this date.)

Saturday, May 3:  24th Legislative District Sub-Caucuses and County Conventions All Democrats meet in Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor counties. (This is much like the process used in 2016.)

Morning, 24th LD Sub-Caucus. Supporters of each Presidential candidate meet to elect state delegates to go to the next level on their behalf.

Afternoon, County Conventions take place in Jefferson, Clallam, and Grays Harbor counties (and all other counties in the state). All Democrats participate together in adopting county platforms. Locations TBD.

Saturday, May 30: 6th Congressional District Caucus. State delegates elected April 26 and May 3 will elect national convention delegates. Location TBD.

Sunday, June 14: State Convention. State delegates elect more national delegates and adopt the WSD platform.

July 13-16: National Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. National delegates nominate our Presidential candidate and adopt the national platform.

November 3, 2020: Election day. On this day, we will elect a Democrat as President of the United States. We will also win both houses of congress and all state offices.

Let’s stick together: We all want a Democrat in the White House in 2021. In time, we will have one nominee and we will need to work as allies to elect them. Let’s commit ourselves to a constructive primary and working to win in 2020. There is too much at stake to do anything less.