Welcome to the 24th LD!

2019 Election Endorsements

These following endorsements were supported by membership vote at our meeting on September 15, 2019.

         “No” on Eymans I-976. This initiative is about much more than car tabs. Passage would save 24th LD residents very little on car tabs, and it would cost us dearly in lost funding for ferries and many other transportation projects across our region.

         “Approve” on Referendum 88, confirming I-1000 and re-establishing Affirmative Action in Washington State. Citizens concerned about racial and social justice petitioned the legislature with I-1000, and the legislature passed it. The measure became a referendum when a right wing group collected signatures to put it on the ballot. We stand with the State Democratic Party, the legislature, Governor Inslee, former Governors Gary Locke, Christina Gregoire, and Dan Evans. We stand with the ACLU, the NAACP, the Washington State Labor Council, El Centro de la Raza, and many other organizations concerned with racial and social justice.

         “Maintain” on all Advisory “Votes.” These ballot items are not votes; they are nothing more than push polls concocted by Tim Eyman to undermine the work of the legislature. They are deceptive and expensive. By voting “maintain” we can support the work of the legislature.

In Clallam County, we endorse:
       Maury Modine for Commissioner, Port of Port Angeles. Modine is a Democratic PCO who has served in the past on town councils. He is challenging an incumbent conservative.
          Mark Ozias, Democrat, for Commissioner, Clallam County. Ozias is an outstanding incumbent with broad support, having received over 60% of the vote in the primary.

We are the Democratic party organization on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We are dedicated to the election of Democrats up and down the ticket. We support the work of our county and state Democratic party organizations.

Any Democrat in the district may join and take part in our quarterly regular meetings. The membership includes all Democratic Precinct Committee Officers and the county party officers they elect. 


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Democrats might also want to take part in one of the vibrant county Democratic organizations within the district: Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Jefferson. Each has monthly meetings, a newsletter, and other activities. Clallam County also has a Young Democrats organization. (Half of Grays Harbor lies in the 19th LD.)