Welcome to the 24th LD!

At our membership meeting on June 22 we endorsed several candidates and positions: 

Incumbent State Executives: 

  • Governor Jay Inslee (D),
  • Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D),
  • State Auditor Pat McCarthy (D), Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz (D),
  • Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler (D), Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal.

Democratic Challengers of Republican Incumbent State Executives:

  • Mike Pelliciotti (D) for Treasurer,
  • Gael Tarleton (D) for Secretary of State. 

    Our incumbent Democratic Legislators:
  • Senator Kevin Van De Wege,
  • Representative Mike Chapman (Position 1),
  • Representative Steve Tharinger (Position 2). 

    Democratic County Commissioner Candidates:
  • Jamie Nichols (D), District 1, Grays Harbor. 
  • Kate Dean (D), District 1, Jefferson County.

    Support for Senate Bill 5395/Support the “Affirm” position on Referendum 90. This bill, Comprehensive Sexual Health Education, passed the legislature in 2020 with support of our legislators and was signed into law. SB 5395 requires local school districts to use science-based curricula that meet health and safety requirements already used by many school districts. Parents may opt their children out of the instruction.  Signatures for an initiative to repeal it were collected by Republicans, evangelicals, and others opposed to the bill.

We also voted to support a letter to Representative Derek Kilmer asking for his “leadership to bring people together to collaborate on win-win solutions that recover healthy salmon and orca populations and invest in vibrant fishing and farming communities.” This letter has also been supported by our three legislators, the Port Angeles City Council, several city councilors, and many others.


Congratulations to all our National Delegates from the 6th Congressional District. At least four of them are from the 24th LD! The Democratic National Convention is in Milwaukee in mid-August.

Elizabeth (Liz) Bumgarner
Joshua Bartman
Tabatha Hoesch

Jessica Hernandez

Thomas Kuydendall
Melissa Dunbar
Drew Darsow

Our state delegates from LD 24 met in virtual space on June 14 and adopted the Washington State Democrats platform. 

Biden delegates (16): Joshua Bartman, Liz Bumgarner, Mike Cooper, Julie Johnson, Joe McGimpsey, Diane Jones, John Collins, Jessica Hernandez, Rod Fleck, Susan Uballe, LeRoy Martin, Beverly Hetrick-Ooosterveld, Dale Nachreiner, Arwen Rice, Rick Johnson, Christy Holy.

Sanders delegates (14):
Thomas Kuykendall, Chelsea Provonost, Richard Robinson, Linda Brewster, Tyler Vega, Pamela Roberts, Kavic Rason, Kacie Starling, David Griffiths, Kristina Hestenes-Stimson, Josh Kraetsch, Gina Corsiglia, Michael Ferguson, Jolene Elkins.

Stay Home/Stay Healthy: Our hearts go out to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to those who are ill and those caring for them. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering economically and who cannot get the care they need. We are grateful for the empathy and professionalism of our front line healthcare workers and first responders as well as our health officers and elected officials who make such difficult decisions on our behalf. 

Our Democratic values can see us through. We have confidence in science and the capacity of government. We hope to see more action from DC as our advocates work on our behalf. We know that we need to address the health needs of us all as well as those in economic distress.

We also know that we must assure that we elect a Democratic POTUS in November and send Donald Trump packing. 


About us:  We are the Democratic party organization on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We are dedicated to the election of Democrats up and down the ticket. We support the work of our county and state Democratic party organizations.

Any Democrat in the district may join and take part in our quarterly regular meetings. The membership includes all Democratic Precinct Committee Officers and the county party officers they elect. 


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To be directly involved with Democrats working in your community, you might want to take part in one of the vibrant county Democratic organizations within the district: Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Jefferson. Each has monthly meetings, a newsletter, and other activities. Clallam County also has a Young Democrats organization. (Aberdeen, Montesano, and the southern half of Grays Harbor are in the 19th LD.)